Essay on Where There is a Will There is a Way


Essay on Where There is a Will There is a Way

Life is an art A mountain of troubles In your trouble don't cry You should only try and try Struggle hard And conquer the sky with your skill and power of will.

The above lines depict the reality of life. Life is beautiful if we know the art of living but it is ugly in case we don't know that art. It is full of ups and downs, it has less joys and more sorrows but we are not here to blame for it. It is a setup fixed by Almightily and we have to adjust ourselves in this setup. We have to pave our way to go far away. But this we can't do unless we have strong will power and firm determination.

The two qualities-strong will power and firm determination play a key role in an individual's life. One who possesses these qualities is sure to find a way out of all difficulties. To such a man, nothing is impossible. This is what the proverb means. Hence, we never get tensed by the troubles that come in our way one after another in this form or that. We have to fix our eyes on our ultimate goal. Once we achieve success, we will definitely forget the struggle and pain which tried to disturb us every now and then.

Our history is rich with such persons whose strong will power brought them immense success. We have C.N. Janki, a handicapped girl, who successfully crossed the English Channel inspite of all odds. Again we have Sudha Chandran whose determination to achieve something different in the world of dance was not shattered a bit even though she lost her legs. She danced and danced beautifully on her artificial legs and wondered the whole world. All the obstacles bowed down infront of her will power. We must not forget Eklavya of Mahabharat who completed his education with the help of the statue of Guru Dronacharya because Dronacharya refused to teach him. By sheer will power and determination he got mastery in the art of archery. These examples clearly show that if there is a will, we will definitely find a way. Nothing is difficult nor impossible if we try having enough power of will.


It is a fact that success does not go to those who never struggle, who never embrace hardships. Only dream can be of no use. We have to act according to our dream, our ambitions regardless of troubles or obstacles. We should always keep it in mind that the success achieved through obstacle has an essence of sweetness. Failures may come in between but men of strong will power are not afraid of them. They try and try and finally win the final goal. Luck or opportunity never bother those who are firmly set on getting ahead. So, don't believe in fate, don't get disturbed by obstacles, only do work and everything will be yours. 

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