Essay on Work is Worship


Essay on Work is Worship

'Work is Worship'. This is a very old proverb which means there is no better way to worship God except to be hardworking. And this is fully justified what man has achieved during the course of his development is a result of hard work over long periods of time. He owes all his greatness to hard work. Hence, it is the root of all success.

There is no alternative of hard work. Today man has conquered nature, he has set foot on the moon, he has travelled in the space, he has invented so many life saving drugs-all became possible because he never avoided work. We see wonderful progress in field of agriculture and industry. The methods of agriculture have been improved which has resulted in the growth of production. Now the farmers are enjoying better days than what they had to face previously. This is again the result of hard work. Indeed work is worship.

There is an 'old proverb, 'God helps those who help themselves'. God also gets impressed and helps and cooperates only those who are hardworking and sincere. God does not love being worshipped by a person each second. He wants that a person works hard. So, it is not praiseworthy if we worship God all the time and do no work at all. There are people who believe that it is luck that plays super role in anybody's life. Hence, they avoid work and wait for the miracles, which according to them must occur in their life and consequently they would get all those things which they wish for but the reality is that no such miracle happens particularly when we don't work. By working day and night only one can hope for miracles. So, we must think that God has made us with some purpose and for achieving this purpose. He has sent us into the world the world of work. Now it is our humble duty to .utilize each and every minute in the best possible way. We have to utilize our potentialities to the full so that we may be counted among the successful men of the world.

Here, we should be alert that when we say that 'work is worship' we mean work which is useful and wholesome for the society. Work which is harmful for society can never be praiseworthy. Hence, our potentialities should be utilized in constructive work, not in manufacturing some poisonous drugs, or making destructive weapons or planning some conspiracy or waging wars or doing anti-social activities. They can never be blessing for mankind nor they can make God happy.

Our work must be creative and it must have some humble base. Only then we can say work is worship otherwise it will be devil's worship.


India has a rich heritage of hard working people such as Mahatma Gandhi, Rajendra Prasad, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel etc. We should take lesson from them and work for the benefit of the nation at large. 

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