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Benefits of Almond or Badam

  • Benefits of Almond or BadamBotanical Name : Prunus amygadalus Family Name       : Rosaceae Hindi Name         : Badam Sanskrit Name    : Badama English……More

Benefits of Apple (Saeb)

  • Benefits of Apple (Saeb)Botanical Name : Malus sylvestris, Mill Family Name      : Rosaceae Hindi Name         : Saeb Sanskrit Name     : Sevi English Name……More

Benefits of Apricot (Khubani)

  • Benefits of Apricot (Khubani)Botanical Name : Prunus armeniaca Family Name      : Rosaceae Sanskrit Name    : Hari Hindi Name          : Zardalul Khubani English……More

Benefits of Banana (Kela)

  • Benefits of Banana (Kela)Botanical Name: Musa paradisiacal Linn Family Name      : Musaceae Hindi Name         :Kela Sanskrit Name    : Kadali English Name……More

Benefits of Black Berry Juice

  • Benefits of Black Berry JuiceBotanical Name : Syzygium cuminii Family Name       : Myrtaceae Hindi Name          : jamun Sanskrit Name      : jambu English……More

Benefits of Custard Apple or…

  • Benefits of Custard Apple or...Botanical Name : Annona squamosa, Linn Family Name       : Annonaceae Hindi Name          : Sharifa Sanskrit Name     :……More

Benefits of Date or Khajoor

  • Benefits of Date or KhajoorBotanical Name : Phoenix dactylifera Family Name      : Pinaceae Hindi Name        : Khajoor Sanskrit Name    : Kharjoor English……More

Benefits of Fig or Anjir

  • Benefits of Fig or AnjirBotanical Name  : Ficus carica, L. (Common fig) Family Name       : Moraceae Hindi Name         : Anjir Description Fig grows on a bush or small tree with……More

Benefits of Gooseberry (Amla)

  • Benefits of Gooseberry (Amla)Botanical Name : Emblica officinalis, Gaertn Family Name       : Eupho- rbiaceae Hindi Name         : Amla Description Gooseberry is a small genus of tree.:……More

Benefits of Grape (Angur)

  • Benefits of Grape (Angur)Botanical Name : Vitis vinifera Family Name       : Vitiaceae Hindi Name          : Angur Description Grape grows on a climbing shrub that has an erect,……More

Benefits of Guava (Amrud)

  • Benefits of Guava (Amrud)Botanical Name : Psidium guajava, Linn Family Name     : Myrtaceae Hindi Name       : Amrud Description A large genus of tropical and sub-tropical tree and shrubs, Guava is a……More

Benefits of Jujube (Baer)

  • Benefits of Jujube (Baer)Botanical Name    : Zizyphus martiana   Family Name         : Rhamnaceae   Hindi Name            :……More

Benefits of Lemon (Nebu)

  • Benefits of Lemon (Nebu)Botanical Name : Citrus limon Family Name      : Rutaceae     Hindi Name        : Nebu Description Lemon grows on a small thorny shrub/tree. Leaves……More

Benefits of Lychee (Lichi)

  • Benefits of Lychee (Lichi)Botanical Name : Litchi chinensis Family Name        : Annonaceae Hindi Name          : Lichi Description Lychee grows on an evergreen tree, 10-12m……More

Benefits of Mango (Aam)

  • Benefits of Mango (Aam)Botanical Name: Magnifera indica, Linn Family Name     : Anacardiaceae Hindi Name        : Aam Description Mango is the most popular and the choicest fruit of India and……More

Benefits of Watermelons…

  • Benefits of Watermelons...Botanical Name : Citrullus vulgaris & cucumis melo Family Name      : Cucur- bitaceae Hindi Name        : Tarbuz Kharbuza Description Both the fruits are widely cultivated in……More

Benefits of Orange (Santara)

  • Benefits of Orange (Santara)Botanical Name : Citrus aurantium Family Name       : Rutaceae Hindi Name         : Santara Description Orange is a beautiful gift of nature. It is one of the……More

Benefits of Papaya (Papita)

  • Benefits of Papaya (Papita)Botanical Name : Carica papaya Family Name      : Caricaceae Hindi Name         : Papita Description Papaya’ is one of the most valuable tropical fruits, It is……More

Benefits of Peach (Aru)

  • Benefits of Peach (Aru)Botanical Name : Prunus persica Family Name      : Rosaceae Hindi Name         : Aru Description Peach grows on a small tree up to 8m high with glabrous twigs,……More

Benefits of Pear (Naspati)

  • Benefits of Pear (Naspati)Botanical Name : Pyrus communis Family Name : Rosaceae Hindi Name : Naspati Description Pear grows on a tree with a broad pyramidal crown, leaves orbicular-ovate to elliptic, crenate-serrate, flowers white, in few flowered……More

Benefits of Pineapple…

  • Benefits of Pineapple...Botanical Name : Ananas Comosus, L. Family Name                 : Bromeliaceae Hindi……More

Benefits of Plum (Alubukhara)

  • Benefits of Plum (Alubukhara)Botanical Name : Prunus domestica Family Name      : Rosaceae Hindi Name         : Alubukhara Description Plum grows on a small tree, with twigs pubescent when……More

Benefits of Pomegranate…

  • Benefits of Pomegranate...Botanical Name : Punica granatum, L Family Name      : Puniaceae   Hindi Name         : Anar Description Pomegranate is a fruit of great antiquity and is known……More

Benefits of Strawberry…

  • Benefits of Strawberry...Botanical Name : Fragaria chiloensis Family Name       : Rosaceae Hindi Name          : Rasbhari Description A stout stoloniferous herb with long arching……More