Benefits of Lemon (Nebu)

Juice Therepy

Botanical Name : Citrus limon

Family Name      : Rutaceae    

Hindi Name        : Nebu


Lemon grows on a small thorny shrub/tree. Leaves ovate, petioles winged. Flowers tinged red. Fruit ovoid, yellow rind thin. It is an important health fruit of citrus group. Lemons and their juice have powerful antiseptic properties and are also good source of bioflavonoids and vitamin C.


It is indigenous to western India. It reached Europe through Arabs. Now it is being cultivated all over the world.

Parts Used



Anti-scorbutic, appetiser, carminative, anti-flatulent, antacid, anti- diarrhoeal, anti-inflammatory, anti-pyorrhoea & dental caries etc.

Forms of Use

Leaves as paste, juice of fruit.

Food Value

It is rich in citric acid and also contains vitamin C. That's why it finds useful place in medicine. Its juice has a good keeping quality and can be preserved for a longer period.

Medicinal Uses

(i) A pale yellow volatile oil obtained from the fruit is bitter in taste, yet it is highly valued in medicine as a flavouring agent, carminative that relieves flatulence and treats gastric discomfort, and as stomachic, it improves appetite.

(ii) It is very useful against vitamin C deficiency, so it can be used against scurvy, a disease caused by lack of vitamin C.

(iii) It is highly beneficial for gums and teeths. It makes them strong and also prevents caries, inflammation and pyorrhoea.

(iv) It also corrects throat disorders such as catarrh, choking sensation and itch. A teaspoon juice of lemon plus two teaspoons honey should be licked after regular intervals.

(v) It is a very good medicine for eczema especially on the head part where hair is removed. Grind its skin on the affected part to get relief.

(vi) It also checks bleeding. Place a few drops of lemon juice on the bleeding part, bleeding will stop.

(vii) Take lemon juice daily in a glass of water to get rid of obesity and jaundice.

(viii) To correct upset stomach, take juice of one lemon in a glass of water and add a pinch of salt to it. Drink it to get relief soon.

(ix) A sufficient intake of lemon juice prevents the deposit of uric acid in the tissues and so reduces the possibility of an attack of gout.

(x) It is anti-influenza fruit. So, for bad cold, drink juice of lemon in a glass of luke warm water with one tea spoon honey. Repeat it two-three times.

(xi) Enlargement of spleen can be handled effectively with lemon juice. Two lemons juice morning and evening with a pinch of salt is sufficient for relief.

(xii) Its juice is also anti-cholesterol and make arteries clean, healthy and free from depositing cholesterol. It is regarded as a valuable food medicine in high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, circulatory disorders and heart weakness.

(xiii) It is also useful in cholera as it has wonderful anticholera properties. Lemon juice can kill cholera bacilli within a very short time. It is also a very effective dependable food item against cholera during epidemic. Take lemon daily with food to keep cholera at bay.

(xiv) Foot and corn can be soothed with the help of lemon juice. Rubbing of the feet in. warm water containing lemon juice provides soothing as well as refreshing feeling and opens pores of feet and induces sleep due to its relaxing action on the foot nerves.

(xv) As a beauty aid, lemon is regarded as a youth restorative and gives good look to our faces. Take juice of lemon, add sugar and borax in equal amount. Mix them to make a paste. Rub it on the face to remove pimples and black spots.

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