Mangal Mahadasha ka Fal


Mars Mahadasha Prediction | Mangal Mahadasha ka Fal


  • MarsThe native might suffer from bilious fever. He will be wounded and will have caste and separation (differences of opinion)from younger brothers. Enmity with caste and relatives and wrath from rulers are possible. He will be afraid of fire or…… More


  • RahuThe native may have affection caused by enemies, weapons, thieves and rulers. Loss of Gurujans or relatives or separation from them is possible. He will suffer from problems in head, eyes and flanks. Mars causes great distress if it is Maraka. … More


  • JupiterJupiter is a benefic planet and has been considered to be very benefic it is situated in fourth house being the Bhagyesha and Bhogesha of Kala Purusha. The number of sons and friends of the native will get enhanced by worshiping deities and…… More


  • SaturnSaturn is malefic for Kala Purusha and will cause distress so the native should have patience. Son, Gurujans and father of the native to suffer. He himself will be in hot waters. His enemies may grab his wealth. He suffers from some unknown…… More


  • MercuryAffliction from rulers or government is possible since Mercury, being lord of third and sixth houses, is exalted in sixth house in the Natal Purusha. He will be afraid of enemies and will have loss of wealth caused by theft. Enemies may also…… More


  • KetuSome astrologers think Ketu to be benefic. But this period usually renders unfavorable results. The native may have to face agony caused by stroke of lightning, fire and weapons. Loss of wealth and overseas trip are possible. He may have to leave…… More


  • VenusThe native might migrate to a foreign land in this Dhasha, since Mars is situated in tenth as lord of Ascendant and eighth house whereas Venus, being lord of second and seventh houses, is situated in the twelfth house. He might suffer from…… More


  • SunThe native will emerge victorious in struggle and competition. Status and influence in Society will grow further and he will have honour from rulers. He will have all round prosperity by the grace of Lakshmi. He will have prosperity by spiritual…… More


  • MoonThe native will have gain of prosperity and wealth such as jewels, clothes and vehicle. He will be free from his enemies. He will overcome fear and affliction caused by his enemies. His Gurujans might suffer. He himself might suffer from ailment…… More