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Vastu Advice for Industrial/Commercial Space

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Industrial or Commercial Space Vastu Advcie by Map

Requirement for the analysis: Layout of Industry/office/shop, Nature of business, Your personal nature(100 words that describes you in business), Your liking of colors

About your Relations and family, Health issues Achievements.

Report for Vastu Includes: Mentioning of Defects, There possible defects, Remedies without any demolition, Files placement location, Cash locker location, Color themes according to the profession or nature of business, Furniture Placement, Energy analysis of the house stating the location of negative and positive energies, Ten special vastu tips, Tailor made solutions for the problems.

Consultation by Email or Phone only.

4Remedy Vãstu  – Sanctification of living and working Space

At the end there is a little excerpt from my book “वास्तु शान्ति पद्धति:”.

Vastu  is a ritual performed to sanctify a building. The ritual disintegrates all negative prana and replaces it with healthy, positive and harmonious prana. This technique consecrates the space and and has a deep impact upon the atmosphere and the occupants.


4Remedy for new Buildings

During the journey of a structure from being a blueprint to its final shape, the land and the structure undergo numerous operations. The land is dug, drilled, burrowed, bulldozed, leveled, landscaped, sometimes even blasted. The structure faces hammering, cutting, welding, machining, movement of labour and machines…the list is long. By the time a building is complete it collects various types of negative and violent energies. Therefore, before the building is occupied it needs to be cleansed and consecrated.


4Remedy for existing/old Buildings


A building becomes a repertory of the emotions, sentiments and feelings of its occupants. Every single feeling gets engrained in the structure – in the walls, in the furniture, in the very atmosphere. In certain areas the accumulation is high, for example the attic, the basement, the corners, under the stairs, below the ceiling, the corridors, and all such areas which are less frequented.

Over a period of time this accumulated energy starts hampering the movements of the fresh and revitalizing energy in the building. This increases the negativity in personal lives, relationships, physical and mental health, emotional stability and financial health of the occupants.

Negative energy can also stay on from the previous occupants of the place, even much after they have left. For example, if the previous occupant of an office had become bankrupt, or if the previous tenant of a house had suffered from a long illness, unless the space is not consecrated its stagnant energy would inflict a highly harmful impact on the new occupant.

Buildings also need to be undergo a space cleaning if the occupants have been through a traumatic experience like a separation, a fight, a divorce, a loss, or if there has been a death.

In modern lifestyles the strongest generators of negative energy are the electromagnetic equipments. Televisions , Computers, Refrigerator, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones, laptops, headphones, electric blankets etc generate enough radiation to induce insomnia, miscarriages, allergies, hyperactivity in children.

There are also external sources of bad energy. A house is very likely to accumulate bad energy and vibrations if it is beneath a power cable, very close to railway line, high hoardings, flyovers, cemetery, abattoir, a place of worship, anthills, quarries, electricity generating station near a hospital, or if it faces a dead lane.

The Benefits of  4Remedy Vastu

The act of space cleaning itself is so beautiful that the very act can instill tranquility within you.

  • As the dirty diseased stale prana is replaced with fresh vitalizing healthy energy, the building begins to ‘breathe’ once more. The chi begins to circulate and harmony returns with happiness.
  • Our personal relationships begin to improve. So does the physical health.
  • The sense of tfatigue is replaced by a sense of well being.
  • Difficult issues in life start getting resolved.
  • Disharmony between friends and partners begins to disappear

But the biggest advantage of consecrating the outer space is that there is a corresponding consecration of our inner space also. The sense of insecurity, timidity, failure is replaced by self-confidence, poise, determination, harmony and peace in our lives.




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