Rahu Ki Mahadasha Ka Fal


Rahu Mahadsha Prediction | Rahu Ki Mahadasha Ka Fal

  • RahuThe native suffers from fear of poison and water. He also suffers from waterborne diseases. It tells of disrepute due to company of women other than his wife. This combination of Rahu/Rahu causes the native separation from his near ones. His…… More


  • JupiterRahu with Jupiter makes a native worship deities and Brahmins. He remains healthy and free from diseases and enjoys the company of beautiful women. He spends his time happily, enjoying thinking and interest in spirituality. … More


  • SaturnA native having this combination remains hostile with his wife, sons and brothers. In service, he has to face demotion (transfer). His servant causes him distress/loss. Hurdles/losses are caused in service also. He receives hurt and injury and…… More


  • MercuryDuring this Period the native enjoys the bliss of sons, association with friends and happiness in mind. He gets his jobs accomplished and gains benefit since he becomes efficient and sagacious during this Period. Rahu and Mercury are friends of…… More


  • KetuRahu and Ketu are considered to be the enemies of each other. Hence, the native suffers from fever and fear of fire, weapons and enemies during this Period. He suffers from ailment in head and trembling in body and pains caused by poison, boils…… More


  • VenusThis Period creates a situated to have the company of women. The native enjoys the bliss of land, building, vehicle and glory He becomes hostile with his dear and near ones and suffers from diseases caused by the excess of cough in the system. An…… More


  • SunDuring this Period, the native may have to face distress and hardship and hurdles from enemies. He may suffer from pain caused by poison, fire and weapons. Eye problems are also possible. He might have to suffer from fear of ruler and government……. More


  • MoonThe native might be deprived of bliss of wife. He becomes hostile to his dear and near ones who cause him hurdles and anguish. He remains worried and aggrieved and suffers from hydrophobia. His friends may have to face distress. The Period tells…… More


  • MarsThe native in this Period suffers from fear of ruler (government), fire, thief and weap- ons. He also suffers from physical or mental ailments. The Period tells also of heart diseases, eye-problem and demotion in service. Mars is posited in the…… More