In those days, there was the renowned hermitage or 'ashram' of the Saint Gopal Raoji at Sailu. Gopal Raoji was well-known by the name of Bainkush. Many orphan children got education from his hermitage. Babu's god-mother also carried him to that 'ashram'. She requested the holy Sage Bainkush to keep Babu in his custody. As soon as Bainkush caught sight of Babu, a smile flashed over his face. Instantly and intuitively, he came to know the ultimate truth about Sai.

He said, "Mother, your son has incarnated to render maximum public good. So long as the world exists, your son's name will resound in all the directions. You have blessed my life by bringing this child to my 'ashram'. I will achieve the goal of my life by adopting this child as my disciple. Saying this, he lifted Babu into his lap and kissed his head. Babu began to get the worth-while training at the 'ashram' under the guidance of the sage Bainkush. Babu's god-mother returned to her village. Babu was a leading figure among his companions. He was in the good books of Bainkush Maharaj. In this way, he spent twelve years in getting training.

The health of Sage Bainkush was running down. He had a pre-monition about his death. But he wished to pass on the whole of his divine knowledge to his favourite disciple, Babu. So, one day, he called Babu and said to him, "Babu, I know it very well that you have incarnated for the welfare of this world. You will lead the innocent child-like world to the path of progress. You have been performing your duties very honestly for the last twelve years. I am proud of being your preceptor and I thank God for this deed.

Now, the time of your separation has arrived. Now, before dying, I would like to bequeath the whole of my divine knowledge, supernatural power and other magical skills to you just in accordance of the teacher-taught relations." Saying this, Sage Bainkush held Babu's hand in his hand and before long, a divine spark of light passed from the Guru's body into Babu's body. In this way, Babu acquired the whole of his Guru's divine wisdom and power. After a few days of this event, Guru Bainkush died.


Just before his death, the Guru gave Babu a brick as a token of his sweet memory. Babu kept the Guru's brick affectionately till the last breath of his life. 

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