Pundit Mule Shastri was a Brahmin and he belonged to N asik. He was a dedicated disciple of the Saint Guru Gholap. He was a renowned scholar of all the religious scriptures. Once, he happened to meet the wealthy merchant Booty Saheb of Nagpur, in respect of some religious discourse. When Booty Saheb began to admire Sai Baba, Mule Shastri grew restless to see Sai Baba. Booty Saheb brought Mule Shastri to Shirdi.

After the congregation, when Sai Baba was distributing the oblation of fruit, Mule Shastri desired to look at Sai's palm. But Sai Baba turned a deaf ear to his request. Then, Mule Shastri went into his tent. He took a bath and got ready to tend the sacrificial fire. On the other side, Sai Baba smiled a little before going to the Lendi Garden. He said, "Bring clay to colour my clothes." None could follow what Sai Baba meant to say.

When at the time of the ceremonial evening prayer, Booty Saheb asked Mule Shastri to accompany him to the mosque. He refused to do so for the sake of performing his sacrificial duty. He told him to meet Sai Baba afterwards.

After the ceremonial evening prayer with the help of lighted lamp etc, Sai Baba called for Booty Saheb and asked Muley Shastri to bring some money for the donation.

Mule Shastri thought it to be amazing that Sai Baba was demanding a donation from him, whereas the multi-millionare Booty Saheb had come there to get donations. At once, Mule Shastri gave up his oblations to the sacrificial fire and reached the Dwarakamai Mosque. But suddenly, he halted to move lest he should defile the mosque. Then, he folded his hands to greet Sai Baba and threw showers of flowers over his head.


Suddenly, he saw his Guru Gholap Swami sitting in place of Sai Baba. He became speechless. All his doubts disappeared. He fell at the holy feet of Sai Baba. He adored him and said, "Baba, today, I have got a glimpse of truth. Now, I realize that Sai Baba pervades in every body. Now, all my doubts have disappeared." 

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