The preparations for lunch were going on in Shirdi. Mrs Tarkhand too was busy serving food in the plates just like other devotees. Suddenly, a dog happened to come there and seeing the meal, he began to bark. Mrs Tarkhand's heart melted and she offered a loaf of bread to gratify his hunger.

After the evening congregation when Mrs Tarkhand sat beside Sai Baba, he said affectionately, "Mother, today you did a good turn to me. My soul was pleased with the meal that you offered to me with great love. Keep on your gracious attitude towards me for good."

Mrs Tarkhand was startled to hear Sai Baba. "Baba, I did not feed you. I am not so lucky. Perhaps, Lakshmi might have served meals to you," said Mrs Tarkhand in a simple way.


"Mother, the hungry dog you fed before your lunch, was none but my transformed entity. Your single loaf of bread, that you offered to me, gratified the lingering appetite of many generations of mine. Mother, the person who feeds a hungry creature before taking his meals, in fact, feeds me. I remove all his troubles." Mrs Tarkhand was overwhelmed to hear Sai Baba's talks. She made up her mind to feed a hungry creature daily before taking her meals. 

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