A poor Muslim, named Noor Mohammad, was a dedicated devotee of Sai Baba. It was his daily routine to clean the premises of the Dwarakamai Mosque and serve all those visitors who used to attend the religious congregation at the Dwarakamai Mosque. Sai Baba was deeply pleased with his services and deep devotion. One day, Sai Baba found Noor Mohammad in a sad mood. Sai Baba addressed him affectionately and said, "Foolish fellow! What is the matter? What ails you? Has somebody hurt your feelings ? Tell me all about your worries. Your worries are my worries."

Realizing Sai Baba's real affection for him, he said, "Sai ! You know, I am a real Muslim. The Holy Quran says that a true Muslim must visit Mecca, at least, once in his life-time. Allah forgives all his sins and protects him from the burning fire of hell. But I am too poor to go on the "Huj" (the holy pilgrimage) to Mecca. I do not understand as to how I should perform the holy duty of being a true Muslim."

Sai Baba again remarked affectionately, "Innocent fellow ! Only the sinners need to go to Mecca. You have washed away all your sins by treading on the path of humanity, compassion and dedicated service. You are too sacred to go to Mecca. God or Allah always remains with the pious Muslims like you." Saying so, Sai Baba patted the head of N oor Mohammad most affectionately.

Suddenly, Noor Mohammad had a vision of Mecca. He felt as if he had been surrounded by the countless Muslims, he entered the Mosque of Mecca and got its oblation/ambrosia.


Thereafter, Sai Baba removed his hand from Noor Mohammad's head and Noor again began to see the vision of the Dwarakamai Mosque. Then, he caught sight of Mecca's oblation/ambrosia in his fist. Sai Baba had brought the vision of Mecca before Noor Mohammad. He began to chant slogans in the triumph of Sai Baba's glorious victory. 

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