Though Sai Baba abstained from enjoying delicious food and other luxuries, yet he was very fond of smoking with the help of his clay cigar case. Many devotees of Sai Nath offered him many precious cigar cases. But Sai Nath preferred to smoke with the help of a raw and smooth clay cigar case.

The slogan-"One Master of All"-was the dearest statement to Sai Nath. His motto was that God is the only Master of all. He made no discrimination between God and Allah. He expressed his firm faith through his motto-"God is the only Master of all".

Sai Baba had no interest in following the vedic rites, religious ceremonies and in reading the holy scriptures. He kept himself aloof from all these rituals. Sai Baba regarded truth, love, humanity, mercy, honesty and tolerance as the true means to reach God's Abode. He always motivated his devotees through his preachings to march on the right path of truth. He preferred a simple language to the difficult Sanskrit for his preaching. He believed that knowledge and wisdom would be instantly assimilated if the sermons were given in the simplest language. In that case, people would easily adapt themselves to the simplest modes of preachings.

Sai Nath started his daily routine at 5 a.m. He was often seen, sitting beside a smoke fire-place near the Dwarakamai Mosque. Nearly about the same time, Sai Baba's devotees reached there to serve him. Mhalsapathi, Shama, Bayaja Bai, Tatya Kote, Sada Shri Bhago Shinde-were all included among Sai's devotees. When Bayaja Bai was busy with the cleaning work of the premises, Sada Shri Bhago kept himself busy with the massage of Sai Baba's body. After the massage, he prepared the clay cigar for Sai Baba. After taking long inhalings of the cigar's smoke, Sai Baba went away to wash his hands and feet. Sada Sahri Bhago also got to enjoy himself smoking from Sai's cigar.

Sai Baba ate the food, begged from alms. He begged alms from five houses everyday. He spread his bag to receive the alms from them. He implored loudly saying, "Mother, come out to give alms to a hungry beggar." The land-lady offered some food reverently in his bag and blessing the noble house-wife, Sai Baba advanced ahead. After receiving the alms, Sai Baba divided the food-stuff of the alms into three parts. One share was eaten by Sai Baba himself and the second share was distributed as an oblation among his devotees. The third share was offered to the birds and animals.

After taking his meals, Sai Baba sat beside the fire-place and solved the problems of his devotees. Nearly at 10 p.m, Sai Baba moved or strolled towards the Lendi Waterfall. There, he strolled nearly for an hour. After being tired, he rested beneath a tree. He also lighted a lamp beneath the same tree. The same lamp is now known by the name of the 'Nanda Deep'. This lamp has been fitted in a pillar, under the same tree. During those days, Sai Baba did not allow anyone to accompany him. But later on, Abdul proved to be a lucky devotee to accompany Sai Baba upto the Lendi Waterfall.

There was a neem tree on the way to the Lendi Waterfall. Sai Nath had under gone a severe penance there before he came to Shirdi.

There was a cave below the neem tree. There was the Samadhi of Sai Nath's Guru. Sai called it as the Guru's Ashram and he worshipped there. Once Baba showed the Samadhi to quell the doubts of the public. But in the end, the gate of the cave was closed for good, by the orders of Sai Baba.

After a stroll, Sai Nath returned to his mosque where he was adored by all the devotees. After performing the ceremony of lighting the lamp of worship and singing the hymns of God's praise, the devotees sat in two rows. Then, Mhalsapathi, Tatya and Shama served them meals. On that occasion, a seat to Sai's left side was left empty to accommodate and honour Sai's Gum. After taking his meal, Sai remained in seclusion for an hour. During Sai Baba's seclusion, only Mhalsapathi, Shama, Tatya, Abdul and Bayaja Bai were permitted to contact him. After that, Sai Nath again set out on his stroll towards the Landy water stream. Returning to the mosque, he offered a wealth of wisdom (by way of his preachings) to all his devotees. The discourse ended with an evening prayer.

Many devotees came to the mosque at 7 0' clock in the evening in order to offer their plates of consecrated food to Sai Nath. After the ceremony of the evening prayer, Sai went behind a curtain and offered the little portions of the consecrated food to God and his Guru. In the meantime, his devotees while sitting in the rows, waited for Sai Nath. After that Sai came out, occupied his respective seat and took his meals along with his followers. After that, all returned to their respective houses.

Only Mhalsapathi and Tatya could be allowed to go to Sai Nath's retiring room. Just after the temple function, when Sai lay on his bed, the other two also prepared to sleep just nearby. Since December 10, 1909, Sai Nath slept in the mosque and the temple on the alternate days.


The big group of Sai's devotees brought him in a procession to the temple to take rest at night. There Sai took rest on a chair. There was also the wooden berth where Sai was given his last bath. 

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