It was the Deepawali festival. Sai Baba gave his permission to his disciples to celebrate the festival. So, people started making elaborate preparations. Some people were decorating all the comers of the Dwarakamai Mosque.

Many other people were making suitable arrangements for dinner. After finishing the decoration work, Tatya came to know that there was no mustard oil to light the lamps. So, he went to market to buy oil. That day, all the shop-keepers had planned not to give oil to Sai Baba. That is why Tatya could not get any oil and returned to the Dwarakamai Mosque empty-handed. He narrated the whole story to Sai Baba.

Sai Baba laughed at the shopkeeper's impertinence. He said smilingly, "Tatya ! do not worry. The Deepawali festival will be celebrated at the Dwarakamai Mosque. It matters very little if they have not given oil. Lamps will be lighted without fail."

After convincing Tatya about the Deepawali celebrations, Sai Baba sanctified water and poured it into different earthen lamps. Then, he rekindled the lamps with the help of fire of his specific smoke-fire (Dhooni). Every lamp emitted brilliant light and illumined every comer of the Dwarakamai Mosque. Seeing this miracle of Sai Baba, all the devotees began to shout the slogan, "Victory to Sai baba! Victory to Sai Baba !"

When the shop-keepers came to know about Sai Baba's miracle, they were non- plussed. They felt they had committed a sin by refusing to give oil to Sai Baba. They apprehended a severe punishment for their misdeed. Thinking so, they went to Sai Baba to ask for forgiveness.


Sai Baba, who was an embodiment of compassion and kindness, forgave them. He exhorted them, "Be ready to do good to others. This will make your life meaningful. Consider your critic as your well-wisher. Search and rectify your own errors. By walking on the path of benevolence, you will find the real secret of life." 

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