Babasaheb Tarkhand was one of the dedicated devotees of Sai Baba. Though he offered prayers to God daily, yet he had boundless reverence for Sai Baba. His wife and son were also the devotees of Sai Baba. One day, during summer vacation, Babasaheb sent his wife and son to Shirdi.

He assured his son that he would continue to worship Sai Baba daily through the specific ceremonies.

Next day, Babasaheb got up early, took a bath and performed the usual ceremony to worship Sai Baba. He also offered the granules of sugar-candy as Sai Baba's oblation. He performed the same ceremonial worship of Sai Baba on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

On Monday, Babasaheb worshipped Sai Baba in a hurry and left for his office. Before lunch, he asked his cook to bring the consecrated offering or oblation. The cook told him that he had forgotten to offer the consecrated oblations in the morning. Hearing this, Baba Sahib began to repent. Then, he offered his apology by bowing his head before Sai's portrait. Then, he wrote a letter to his son telling him how he had failed to offer the consecrated oblation to Sai Baba.

On the other hand, Sai Baba said to Babasaheb's wife, "Today, I visited your house. But Babasaheb had nothing to offer for my meal. So, I returned hungry from your house."


Babasaheb's son soon realized that some mistake might have been committed in Sai's ceremonial worship. He requested Sai Baba to permit him to return home. But Sai Baba refused to do so. The son performed the ceremonial worship, then and there. Then, he wrote a letter to his father asking him never to forget the routine worship. The next day, both father and son received each other's letter. Seeing all this, Baba Sahib's reverence for Sai Baba increased to a great extent. 

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