Bayaja Bai was a dedicated devotee of Sai. She loved him more than her own son. Sai too loved and respected her more that he loved his mother. He addressed her as his mother. Bayaja Bai dedicated all her services to Sai Baba since he came to Shirdi. She got Dwarakamai mosque cleaned and managed the daily meals of all the devotees. Thus, she devoted many years in the service of Sai Baba.

Even in her old age, Bayaja Bai performed her daily duties in the mosque. Gradually, she became bed-ridden. Sai Baba understand that Bayaja Bai's end was near. So, Sai Baba grew very sad at heart and began to visit Bayaja Bai everyday.

One day, Sai Baba became totally upset after visiting Bayaja Bai. He moved to a solitary place. He apprehended some unfortunate event. Sai's devotees were equally sad. The same day, Sai received the heart-rending news of Bayaja Bai's death. Tears welled up into his eyes and he, at once, left for Bayaja Bai's house.

Bayaja Bai's mortal body was lying on the ground. Just beside her dead body, Tatya Kote was shedding tears at the death of his mother. He was also making preparations for her cremation. Seeing Sai Baba, he fell at his feet and burst into tears. Sai began to console him, saying, "Death is the ultimate reality of life. This is the tradition of the world that one who is born must die one day". Today, Bayaja has passed away. Tomorrow, I may also die. Bayaja has got deliverance from the painful circle of 'births and deaths'. She has gone to the abode of the gods. Now, I will do something to fulfil her last wish."

Therefore, Sai Baba brought back Bayaja Bai to life with his super natural yogic skill. All were taken aback to see Bajaya Bai alive. After getting her rebirth, Bayaja Bai humbly asked Sai Baba to tell her his mission of coming into the world and whose incarnation he had taken to do so. She would like to know the secret purpose of Sai's incarnation before leaving this world.

In order to satisfy Bayaja Bai's curiosity, Sai Baba said, "Mother, I am not an incarnation of any God. On the other hand, I am an off-spring of that Almighty whom some people call 'God' while some other people address as 'Allah'. I have taken different births on this Earth just like a common man. I am born in this world mainly to put an end to immorality, evil traditions, superstitions and various sins and to lead the people on the right path of love, truth, mercy and charity towards all. One who treads on the path of love and humanity and remembers my name will definitely get salvation."

Sai Baba's sermons pacified Bayaja Bai's turbulent heart. Paying her last homage to Sai Baba, she said, "Holy Sir, you have removed all my doubts. I have understood your true worth. Now, I would like to take leave of you. But, kindly listen to my last wish. My Tatya is still a child. He is totally, unaware of the worldly complexities. He will be left all alone after my death. I am leaving Tatya under your custody."


Sai Baba took Bayaja Bai's hand in his hand and convinced her most satisfactorily. He said, "Mother, Tatya is my younger brother. You need not worry about his future career. I promise to you to defend Tatya even at the cost of my life." 

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