According to Sai Baba, a person's devotion bears fruit only when the devotee desists himself/herself of vulgar obscenity and chants God's name with perfect trust and reverence. People's own passions-like lust, anger, pride, attachment, greed, jealousy-stand in the way of attaining God. These passions are inborn. So long as these passions, which are the resultant products of people's sins of the previous lines, are attached, people can attain neither spiritual nor divine wisdom. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of these passions. Those people who conquer their passions, can attain God.

Sai Baba guided the people by giving his life-giving sermons. He described his deepest thoughts related to every walk of life in a very lucid language. Sai Baba's sermons, which can lead everybody's life to perfection, are being given below.

Human Actions

Actions hold a very significant place in life. The good or the bad condition of our present life depends on the actions of our previous births. We reap what we sow in life. Therefore, man must do good deeds because good deeds alone neutralize the effect of his sins and enable him to get all the amenities in life and the desired salvation after death.


Sai Baba did not discriminate between people. Everybody who came to see him, was dear to him. He always used to say, "This world is like a garden and God is like its gardener. He is omni-present and resides in everybody's heart. So, none is His friend or foe. He shows equality to one and all. So, people should knock down the wall of discrimination. All are the children of the same God. So, people should give up hatred and love each other whole-heartedly. One who treats others with equality, can easily attain God."


God has created this world. So, everybody made by God is beautiful, irrespective of his shape or size or colour. Therefore, passing of good or bad remarks about people's beauty or ugliness is improper and undesirable. One who does so, only insults God, the Creator. God has created every creature according to His discretion. We should look for the inner beauty instead of the outer or physical beauty.


God gives the rewards or the punishments according to man's good or bad actions. Therefore, man should be contented with what he gets in his life. The heart of a contented person always remains calm and composed. Evil ideas never rise in his mind and he always treads on the right path. Consequently, he gets boundless pleasure out of scanty income/resources. He gets freedom from sorrow, violence, falsehood, misconduct and dedicates his life to the meditation of God. A contented person can easily attain divine wisdom.


Death is an irrefutable reality of life. One who is born, is bound to die one day. Though even the wisest person fears death, yet the fear of death is simply a mental fear. If one thinks very deeply, one will find that it is only the death of body and never the death of soul-an embodiment of God. As people put on new dresses after giving up the old ones, the everlasting soul gives up the old body and adopts the new body in accordance with a person's virtuous or vicious deeds.



Sorrow and joy are two modes of life. They often come and go in everybody's life. Therefore, a man should not be entrapped in illusion of weal and woe. So, to know the secret of a glorious life, it is essential to understand and avoid the mirage, created by the illusions of joys and sorrows.


Luck leaves an indelible impression on human life. Everyone reaps what he sows. Whatever happens in a person's life, is pre-destined. Nobody can change the dictates of 'destiny'. One has got to face every eventuality. However, one can minimize the effects of the on-slaughts of luck through sincere devotion to God.

Knowledge and Wisdom

It is essential to have true knowledge and wisdom to understand the mysteries of life. Knowledge and wisdom enable a person to distinguish what is right and what is wrong. It is not necessary that everything is found to be joyful as well as useful. That is the reason why the wise people choose only what is useful. On the other hand, the foolish people choose only those things which are enjoyable. That is why the learned people proceed towards the path of spiritual knowledge and salvation whereas the foolish people tread on the wrong path.

Devotee and Devotion

According to Sai Baba, a true devotee fulfils the responsibilities of his married life and dedicates himself to the service of God with no ulterior motive. Sai Baba takes such devotees in his shelter and keeps them in his good books. One who remembers Sai Baba continuously comes in the category of Sai Baba's best devotees. Consequently, he gets salvation after his death.


Man is born in this world to fulfil some duty. He must do his specific duty with perfect devotion. If he goes stray, he will have to take another birth to perform that duty. The cycle of births and deaths will go on till the assigned duty is performed to the entire satisfaction of one's soul or God.


It is futile to think of self-realization, so long as pride resides and dictates one's activities. Self-realization is the ladder to salvation. By the grace of his Guru, a person can easily get self-realization. But it is essential to give up pride to win the Guru's blessings. Pride is a person's greatest enemy that blocks his way to do noble deeds. So, a proud person who hurts and harms others, simply hurts and humiliates his Guru and God. When a person gives up his pride and dedicates himself in the service of others, he can ensure his Guru's and God's grace for himself forever.


Equanimity or Balance of Justice

Man is born alone and dies alone. Still then, he considers the worldly things to be very precious and significant. He forgets God's Balance of Justice and is often lost in the maze of daily events. All reap what they sow. This is the proof of God's Balance of Justice. Man must understand God's divine system of imparting justice and accept all the events with the equanimity of mind. One who has staunch faith in God gets 'salvation'.


If a person takes other's services free or without paying reasonable value or money, it is called 'exploitation'. 'Exploitation' is also a great sin like other mal-practices and false assurances. All the worldly people are the children of God who partly resides in their souls. So, hurting and harming other persons through exploitation means hurting Sai or God Himself. So, none should avail himself of others' services without paying due value to them. It is a true virtue to pay judiciously for what one gets by way of services from others.


Sai Baba says that feeding the hungry is equivalent to feeding Sai Baba himself. He considers food given to the hungry as a gift to himself. That is to say that the person who always thinks of Sai Baba and feeds the hungry before taking his meals, endears himself to Sai Baba and Sai Baba constantly remains ready to help him.


The invisible Power that created this world, makes the 'Wheel of Time' move on and awards good or bad results according to people's deeds, is known by the name of God. God often incarnates in this world to punish the sinners and protects the noble devotees. Sai Baba has also incarnated, blessed with God's divine power, to put an end to the sorrows of every person in this world.


Sorrows and sufferings in a man's life result from his own actions. In such conditions, patience turns to be the greatest strength of a man. The person who does not give up in the teeth of difficulties, can easily turn his sorrows into pleasures and his toughest course of life becomes quite comfortable.

God's Will

All the good or bad events that occur in a man's life depend on God's will. God rewards or punishes a person, according to his good or evil deeds. That is why everyone should remain in God's shelter. No doubt, God always protects His devotee and bears all his burdens.

God's Gift

'Truth', 'service', 'simplicity', 'religious congregations' and 'remembrance' of the Divine Power-are the five precious gifts of God to every person. These gifts stand by a person throughout his life. These divine gifts lead a person towards the path of 'salvation'. The more a person makes use of these divine gifts, the more he will tread on the right path and after his death, he will merge with Sai Baba. So, every person should understand the value of these gifts, and remember the value of time.


Both virtues and vices reside in everybody's life. So, a man should humbly look for virtues rather than vices in others. Good-will, gradually turns vices into virtues. A person can easily win over his vices with the help of his good-will and humility.

Greed and God's Spiritual Wisdom

Greed stands like a wall between God and man. Greed, whether it is meant for money or goods or lust etc., entraps man and keeps him away from the spiritual wisdom. So long as there is greed a person can never get God's spiritual wisdom. Renunciation of greed, leads to the attainment of 'Brahmagyan' or divine knowledge about the Supreme Spirit.

Guru's Grace/Blessing

After taking birth, a person often whiles (passes) away his time aimlessly. He has no knowledge about his true/goal/destination in life. Under such circumstances, man should go in the shelter of a renowned Guru. Only an outstanding Guru can lead him towards the right path. By the grace of Guru, man gets rid of the sordid realities and gets supreme spiritual wisdom. By Guru's grace, a true disciple of Guru, becomes favourite of God. All the dangers disappear from his life.

Spiritual Pleasure

No doubt, man is a mine of virtues and vices. Therefore, if someone hates others, he should not think himself innocent. Everyone possesses some detestable vices that are often condemned by others.

Therefore, every person should introspect into his own weaknesses or infirmities and try to remove them at all costs. This attitude of self-introspection will give true spiritual pleasure.


If a person entreats for Sai Baba's help with full faith and deep reverence, he rushes to help him without fail. Sai's blessings remove all his misfortunes. Sai Baba advised his followers to help the helpless. If a person does so, all the impediments in his way automatically disappear.


'Salvation' is the ultimate goal of life. It is essential to get 'salvation' after death in order to get rid of the cycle of births and deaths. One can attain 'salvation' by adopting the virtues of 'truth', 'mercy', 'charity', 'good-will', 'humility' and 'spiritual knowledge' and by giving up the vices of attachment, greed, pride, lust and prejudice. In fact, God helps all those who try constantly to attain 'salvation'.

Self- Realization

Under the divine law, if a person tries to hurt others, he actually does not do so much harm to them, as he does to himself. That is why one should indirectly serve himself by directly serving others. This action leads to self- realisation. The well-wisher of others enjoys himself many pleasures and attains 'salvation' in the end.

Selfless Duty


If a person always thinks of God and performs his duty selflessly without coveting for a reward, all his misfortunes come to an end. His selfless and disinterested performance of duty enables him to attain the 'supreme spiritual knowledge' and 'salvation'. 

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