"One who comes in Shirdi, will banish his worries."

Sai Baba meant to say that the sorrows of the devotees who come to his Tomb at Shirdi with full devotion would disappear instantly. He himself would bear the burden of his devotees's misfortunes.

"Even a single step at the staircase of Sai's Temple, will crush all the sorrows."

Sai Baba meant to say that he would lift up all the physical and mental troubles of his devotee, as soon as he steps in the Temple. He would give up his mortal body. But he would come abruptly to remove his devotee's difficulties.

"After I leave my body, I will come to the help of my disciples."

Before his death, Sai Baba had assured his followers that he was about to give up his mortal body. But he would always remain in his formless shape at Shirdi. Moreover, he would respond and rush instantly at his devotee's call to remove his sorrows.

"Have full faith, my tomb will fulfil every hope"

According to Sai Baba, he will always remain present at his tomb. He will fulfil all the wishes of his staunch devotees who visit his tomb to have his glimpse.

"Believe me to be alive, experience my presence and understand the value of truth."

By this statement, Sai Baba means that it is only the body that dies. But the soul is immortal. People should consider him to be alive, as he is abandoning only his body. Whereas his soul will reside at Shirdi. One who trusts in this fact will experience the presence of Sai Baba.

"My shelter is never fruitless."

Sai Baba firmly asserts that no pilgrim coming to his tomb will return unrewarded. If it is so, he will be held responsible. That is to say, all the problems of Sai Baba's followers will be resolved.

"I respond, as the people wish me to do."

Sai Baba means to say that he will reward his votaries as they wish him to do. The deeper the faith in Sai Baba, the better rewards they will get. The devotees will get the best rewards for their deepest devotion.

"I will bear your burden. This promise of mine will never be false."

According to this statement, Sai Baba assures all his followers that he will bear the burden of all the misfortunes and responsibilities of his devotees on his shoulders and he will never let them down in any case.

"Come to get every help. Get it without any delay."

Sai Baba means to say, that he will always be ready to fulfil every desire of his devotee if he treads on the path of nobility and comes to his shelter most willingly.

"Total surrender by a devotee makes Sai Baba indebted forever."

By this statement, Sai Baba means that he will always remain indebted to those who always keep him in their thoughts, words and actions. He will always be ready to fulfil their needs and do the greatest good to them.

"Blessed are those devotees who never go stray."


By this statement, Sai Baba means to say that the life of those who come to his shelter becomes meaningful and blessed. Such devotees receive or enjoy Sai Baba's grace for good. 

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