A poor boatman, named Gangabhavadya, lived at Pathri, a village of Hyderabad. He had keen interest in treading on the path of piety, philanthropy and the service of all the saintly people. He spent most of his time in helping the helpless people. Gangabhavadya was married to Devagiriamma. Just like her husband, Devagiri was also very tolerant, contented and committed to all her religious duties. In this way, both of them followed their principles very happily and they remained totally devoted to the worship of God.

The true devotion of Gangabhavadya and Devagiri pleased Lord Shiva and He appeared in Devagiri's dream. Seeing Lord Shiva in her dream, Devagiri shed the tears of joy. Lord Shiva blessed Devagiri and said, "Dear Devagiri, I am very much pleased with the deep devotion of both the partners. I assure you that I will incarnate in your womb in the same way as Lord Rama incarnated in the womb of Kaushalya and Lord Krishna incarnated in the womb of Devaki. My incarnation will be known by the name of "Sai". It will put an end to sins and will absolve the sinners from their sins. Now, both of you should reside at an unknown place lest the secret of my incarnation should come to light before its stipulated time."

Devagiri was startled as she got up from her dream. She woke her husband and narrated the event of having seen Lord Shiva in her dream. Gangabhavadya was also startled to hear the reference of Lord Shiva's incarnation as his son through the womb of his wife. His heart was elated with great pleasure to consider himself fortunate enough to be the father of an incarnated son. In accordance with Lord Shiva's wish, Gangabhavadya abandoned his village. He settled in a forlorn forest and began to live in a simple hut. Then, he was lost in Lord Shiva's worship and Devagiri began to serve her husband whole-heartedly. In the meantime, Devagiri became pregnant. Gangabhavadya knew it well that Lord Shiva had incarnated in his house.

Now, he gave up eatables and his heart became indifferent to the worldly pleasures.

The continuous meditation led Gangabhavadya to that zenith of devotion which made him oblivious of his wife, son, house and all other attachments of life. Consequently, Gangabhavadya deserted his sleeping wife, took a last plunge into the water and ended his life. Early in the morning, Devagiri looked for her husband everywhere but all in vain. She understood that her husband had got his symbiosis with the Almighty.


Devagiri thought that her life was all in vain in the absence of her husband. Thinking so, she got ready to put an end to her life. But soon, she thought of the baby in her womb and Lord Shiva's words in her dream. She believed that Lord Shiva would incarnate through her womb and would do the greatest good to the people of the world. That is why, she returned to her hut with a heavy heart and made up her mind to live for the welfare of mankind. She began to spend her time in the deep devotion to God. 

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