Sai Baba BIRTH


Sai Baba BIRTH


Ultimately, the day for which Devagiri was waiting, came. The day was Thursday of September 27, 1838, of the era 1895 (Ashwan Krishn Ashthni).

The sky was over-cast with huge black clouds. There was pitch darkness all around. It was thundering and lightning was flashing, frightening one and all. It seemed as if the fast winds would uproot the whole Earth and the Doom's Day had approached to mark the end of an era.

As Nature was at its best at the time of Lord Krishna's incarnation, today also Nature was playing a vital role at the time of Sai's birth. There was mirth all around in Nature. Devagiri began to feel the labour pains. At 3 am, 5 minutes, 5 seconds on September 27, 1838, Devagiri gave birth to a promising baby. There was an aura of bright radiance around his body. There was a serene smile on the baby's face. Soon, Nature became calm and the Sun began to rise, piercing the cover of the dark clouds.

There was none beside Devagiri at the time of giving birth to the baby. She heaved a sigh and cut off the umbilical cord with the help of two pieces of stone. Thereafter, she moved towards the river to give a bath to the newly born baby.

After giving a bath to the baby, Devagiri sat on the bank of the river along with her son. The baby cried out of hunger. Devagiri embraced the wailing baby to her breast. But on account of her debility, she could not feed the baby with her breast- milk. Before long, Devagiri became breathless and breathed her last.

Nearby that spot, there layaway to a village through the forest. A bullock -cart happened to pass by that way. A mystical Muslim faqir was travelling with his wife in that bullock-cart. He heard the baby's wailing cries and arrived at the spot where the wailing baby was lying. Devagiri's dead body was lying beside the weeping child. For a few moments, the faqir closed his eyes. Thereafter, he picked the child and put him into the lap of his wife who was sitting inside the bullock-cart.

The Sufi couple remained issueless even after enjoying their married life. They tried their level best to get issues. They went on pilgrimages and said their sincerest prayers at many temples. They prayed for a child. All of a sudden, when the Sufi mother saw a child in her lap, she was wonder-struck. She asked her husband from where he got the child and where the parents of that child were, or whether the baby belonged to a Hindu or a Muslim.

The Sufi narrated the whole incident to his wife and told her that he did not know anything about the baby's religion. But he was sure that one day, the baby would grow up and give such a message of humanity to the world that it would be remembered for a very long time.

The service of mankind would be his religion and the followers of that religion would be the true human beings. Allah had sent that baby to them and they must do their best to bring up that baby.


The Sufi's wife embraced the baby most affectionately and cheerfully. After that, they returned to their village. The Sufi couple called that baby by the name of "Babu". 

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