Das Ganu Maharaj was a committed disciple of Sai Baba. He spent most of his time in the devotional singing of Sai Baba. Once, he was singing the songs of Sai Baba's glory in the Kopineshwar Temple of Thane. At that time, a person named Cholkar was also sitting in the gathering of the audience. He was a temporary employee in the court. He was thrilled to hear the hymns of Sai Baba's glory. When he came to know that Sai Baba can put an end to his devotee's sorrows, he began to muse, saying, "Sai Baba, I am too poor to support my family. If I get my job confirmed, I will go to Shirdi to have a glimpse of your face and offer an oblation of suger-candy"

The omniscient Sai Baba listened to his devotee's spiritual call. By his grace, Cholkar became permanent in his service. Cholkar remembered his promise very well and wanted to fulfil it. But he was too poor to manage money to reach Shirdi. Therefore, he made up his mind to take tea without sugar and save money for his journey to Shirdi. He put the saved coins into a box.

After a few days, he stored money enough to meet his expenditure to reach Shirdi. He remembered the holy name of Sai Baba and reached Shirdi. There, he offered a coconut fruit at the holy feet of Sai Baba and distributed the oblation of the granules of suger-candy.

Sai Baba arranged Cholkar's stay in Bapu Sahib's house. When Bapu Sahib was about to depart from the Dwarakamai Mosque along with Cholkar, Sai Baba said to him affectionately, "Brother, offer tea with sugar to Cholkar."


Hearing Sai Baba's advice, Bapu Sahib was amazed and Cholkar's heart was filled with sorrow. His eyes welled up with tears and he fell at Sai Baba's feet. Sai Baba picked him up and said, "Cholkar, though I live at Shirdi, yet I am well aware of all the incidents that occur in the world. I am present in your body and I see with your eyes. Adore whosoever you like. I pervade through his body." In this way, Sai Baba bid farewell to Cholkar with his sweet advice. 

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