Laxmi Chand lived in Mumbai. Once, he saw a brilliant old man in his dream. Many devotees had surrounded the old man, as he looked like a faqir. For many days, Laxmi Chand thought about his dream but all in vain.

One day, Laxmi Chand went to his friend Das Ganu's house to listen to the chorus singing of the religious hymns. There, he caught sight of the picture of Sai Baba who resembled the picture of the brilliant old man whom he had seen in his dream. He came to realise that Sai Baba had come in his dream.

The same night, a friend of Laxmi Chand invited him to accompany him to visit Shirdi. He borrowed Rs 5/- from a Marwari friend for his train-fare. Laxmi Chand, his friend and many other passengers of the train sang many religious hymns in Sai Baba's praise. Laxmi Chand and his friend were delighted to hear many miraculous stories about Sai Baba.

After reaching Kopargaon, they made up their minds to buy guavas to present as a gift to Sai Baba. But they were so over-powered with the natural beauty of the environment, that the idea of buying guavas slipped from their minds. When they reached near Shirdi, they remembered to buy guavas as an offering to Sai Baba. Instantly, they saw an old woman. She was selling guavas and heading towards them. Laxmi Chand bought some guavas. But the old woman's remaining guavas were also given to him as a gift to Sai Baba.

Laxmi Chand and his friend were amazed to see people's devotion to Sai Baba. They thought the old woman selling guavas to be a relative of Sai Baba. That is why she gave the whole quantity of guavas to him. Both reached the Dwarakamai Temple at Shirdi. Now both marched towards Shirdi. They reached the Dwarakamai Temple, had an auspicious vision of Sai Baba and worshipped him.

Sai Baba addressed them and asked if they had no faith in him and why they took a loan to reach Shirdi. He told them that the loans could never get one's aim fulfilled. If they had remembered him he would have come to solve their problems.


Both realized that Sai Baba was Omni-present and omniscient. They fell at Sai Baba's feet and became his disciples. This incident contains Sai Baba's message to have true reverence for him rather than take loans to reach Shirdi. 

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