There was a village, named Dhoop. It was situated in the district Aurangabad in the State of Hyderabad. A rich Muslim young man lived in this village. His name was Chand Patil. He had deeper faith in Allah than other rich Muslim citizens. He offered all the prayers (at least 5 times) according to the Islamic laws. Though Chand Patil was a Muslim, yet he had due regard for all other religions. Chand Patil had a mare and he loved her very deeply.

Once, Chand Patil had to go to another village. When he was returning home, he felt very hungry on the way. So, he let his mare graze and he sat down in the shade of a tree to take his meal. After taking his meal, he looked for his mare, but failed to find her, Then, he caught sight of a faqir, sitting under a mango tree. The faqir had covered his head with a piece of cloth. There was a pot as well as a pair of tongs, lying nearby the faqir. That faqir was none other than Babu. He was noticed there, after a long gap of 10 years.

After seeing Chand Patil, the faqir penetrated his tongs into the ground. As he pulled up his tongs, he saw a blazing ball of fire, coming out of the Earth. The faqir again penetrated his tongs in the ground. When he pulled it back, he saw an erupting fountain of water coming out of the Earth. Chand Patil, was astonished to see the faqir 's miracle. He considered the faqir as an accomplished miracle-maker. He stood before the faqir with folded hands and asked him to trace his lost mare.

The faqir smiled and advised Chand Patil to call his mare by her name. He assured him that his mare would come. As he called his mare by her name, she came, neighing and running to him. Babu's miracle made Chand Patil his dedicated disciple. He touched the holy feet of the faqir and called him a Divine or Supernatural Being. He requested him to grace his house.

Baba said smilingly, "The faqirs need no service and they belong to no particular place. They work or walk at their will. The whole world belongs to them. Now, you should go home, as other members of your family might be waiting for you."

Chand Patil said,

"Excuse me, Baba !

I will not return home without taking you with me. You are requested to grace the occasion of my younger brother's wedding with your sweet company. After that marriage, I will not press you to stay at Shirdi. But you should sanctify my house with your holy feet (at least once)." Hearing the name of Shirdi, the holy Saint smiled. He said to Chand Patil, "You are so stubborn, I will accompany you. Perhaps, it is the Will of God." After that, Chand Patil came to the Dhoop Village along with the holy Baba.

The villagers saw an alluring faqir with Chand Patil. So, they rushed out to welcome him. As only a few days were left to perform the marriage of Chand Patil's brother, Baba set up his "smoke-fire" on the bank of the Yel Ganga River. Chand Patil called the faqir as 'Baba'.

After this, everybody began to call Babu by the name of Baba. Being impressed by Baba's personality, Chand Patil became Baba's disciple.


The marriage of Chand Patil's brother was celebrated with great pomp and show on the fixed date. When the marriage party was returning, Sai Baba also got ready to accompany. When Chand Patil requested Sai Baba to prolong his stay at Dhoop Village, he replied that he must reach the Shirdi village to fulfil the mission of his life. He knew that Chand Patil loved him most. That is why he would always remain in his sweet memory. He further assured him that whenever he remembered him, he would find him in his proximity. Thus, Chand Patil saw off Sai Baba with a heavy heart. 

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