Upasini Maharaj was one of the chief scholars of Shirdi and he was perhaps the best follower of Sai Baba. He was a great scholar of the religious scriptures. He came in contact with Sai Baba in 1911. After that, he became so dear to Sai Baba that the latter made him the sole in-charge of holding the religious rituals or ceremonies at the Dwarakamai or Chawri Temple.

Upasini Maharaj was regarded as the Chief-Priest of Sai Baba. He gave his helping hand in the performance of each religious ceremony of Sai Baba. After Sai Baba's sad demise, he performed Sai Baba's funeral rites in the 'Mansion of Buti'.

After Sai's death, the confrontation between his followers and detractors began to increase in Shirdi. This event shook Upasini Maharaj. So, he felt disenchanted towards Shirdi.


Now, he wished to pass the rest of his life in meditation of Sai Baba at some peaceful place. One day, Sai Baba visited him in his dream and directed him to make an 'ashram' (hermitage) at a far-off place from Shirdi. Upasini Maharaj made his hermitage at Sakori village, 8 or 9 miles away from Shirdi. This temple is a symbol of great devotion of many devotees even today. 

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