Once, before going to bed, Sai Baba was busy in the religious discussion with his disciple, Mhalsapathi. There was none else in the mosque at that time. Suddenly, Sai Baba said, in a gentle voice, "Will you do me a favour?" Mhalsapathi replied in a courteous way, "Holy Sir, why did you ask me this question today ? Have I done something wrong ? Please command me what service I should do to you. Your service is just like an oblation to me. I will do whatever you order me to do."

Sai Baba said smilingly, "I knew Mhalsapathi, you love me very deeply. I can never forget your service. Will you protect my deceased body for a few days in my absence ?"

Hearing Sai Baba's question, Mhalsapathi said surprisingly, "Baba, what a strange question you have asked ! Wherever your body stays, your spirit will also remain there. How can your body and soul remain apart ?"

"As there is a difference between the bodies and the dresses. There is a difference between the body and the soul. I am the soul, a part of God. I am immortal, whereas the body is made of perishable elements. I reside in the body, but I am different from it. One day, this body will perish. I will be lost in meditation and, in the mean time, I will give up my body. You must take care of my body till I return. Will you be able to do this work ?"

Mhalsapathi said to Sai Baba, "Holy Sir, you need not bother about your body. You may keep up your meditation. I will do my duty."

Then, Sai Baba lay on the mat and closed his eyes. Mhalsapathi chanted the name of Sai Baba and slept. The next morning, when Bayaja Bai, Tatya Kote and Shama came to the mosque, they found Sai Baba lying on the mat and saw Mhalsapathi sitting beside him. Everyday, Sai Baba was seen sitting beside the 'smoke fire-place'. But that day, he was found lying silently on a mat. They apprehended Sai Baba to be ill.

That is why they came to Mhalsapathi quickly and enquired about Sai Baba's health.

Mhalsapathi disclosed all the details about Sai Baba's meditation. Thereafter, all the devotees sat on their respective mats besides Sai Baba's body and began to wait for Sai Baba's awakening.

As a lotus flower grows out of filthy mud, Sai Baba too was surrounded by many jealous people. Jankidas was one such evil character. He spread the rumour that Sai Baba had breathed his last. He said, people were wrongly and deliberately calling Sai's death as his perfect meditation.

Two days passed. Sai Baba was still under the trance of his meditation. A big crowd of Sai Baba's devotees began to gather in the mosque. All of them were chanting the name of Sai Baba. On the other hand, Sai's rivals were celebrating and talking about Sai Baba's unholy death. But they were worried to see the ever-increasing number of devotees of Sai Baba. In the end, they made up their minds to get rid of Sai Baba as. soon as possible.

Third day, Jankidas reached the mosque along with the police and he began to utter malicious words, "Your Honour! Sai Baba died three days ago. But these foolish followers of Sai are delaying his cremation. Look ! How badly his body is rotten ! Soon, his body will start stinking and it may cause an epidemic in the village. Now, it is upto you to do something about Sai's cremation."

Before long, the police officer sent for a doctor. He examined Sai's body thoroughly. He told the people that Sai had died three days ago. But it was an amazing fact that Sai's body still looked to be alive.

Jankidas asked the police officer to get hold of Sai's body as early as possible. The police officer enquired from Mhalsapathi about Sai Baba. He told the police officer about Sai's yogic meditation. But Jankidas reiterated his demand of Sai's cremation. Moreover, the government doctor also declared Sai Baba to be dead. Therefore, the police officer decided to get Sai's body cremated.

Then, Mhalsapathi challenged the police authorities to alienate Sai Baba from his devotees who were bound to defend him at all cost. He appealed to all the devotees to gather together to teach those sinners a lesson. They would prefer death to the dishonour of Sai baba.

Hearing the clarion call of Mhalsapathi, all the devotees of Sai Baba stood around Sai Nath. Instantly, Sai Nath's body began to glow with divine glow. The face of Sai Nath shone with dazzling light. His yogic meditation had become complete. His soul had returned to his body. Sai Nath was being cheered up through the shouts of his victory.

Seeing Sai Baba alive, Jankidas disappeared from there along with the police officials. After a dew days, when Mhalsapathi asked Sai about his yogic-meditation, he replied smilingly, "I had gone to meet my Great Father, God." 

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