Vastu and Home Colors


Vastu for Role of Colors

  • Colour plays an important role and has a definite function in our lives. Vastu of the building Environment Moods, Thoughts, attitude,…… More

Colour, Planets and numerology

  • Planets, Colour and their numerological numbers Sun Orange, Yellow, Brown, gold, deeper shades of yellow. 1MOON Green, Yellowish, White, Silver,…… More

Colour Descriptions and Benefits

  • Colour of sacrifice and perseverance. It acts as a sedative. It is subdued, being calm to ensure victory and serious to produce…… More

Colours and Reflections

  • Red is colour for fame power and authority but also fuels anger. Orange colour for peace and tranquility. Green enhances love but kindles…… More

Colours for Rooms according to vastu

  • Colours in various Rooms in House Red Dining area, Living Room, Kitchen, Exercise, (Warm and Cozy) Sports Room in smaller spaces Toy Shop,…… More

Vastu for Colour for profession

  • Colour based on the profession Doctors and Medical related profession White Engineers and Architects Light shades of Green/Blue Chartered…… More

Colour for Bussiness

  • Colours based on the businessGeneral Store / Departmental Stores Broken White or light shades of pink. Medical Stores Light shades of Blue……. More

Colours in Medical Terms

  • Colours along with illuminations playa wonderful role in the Psychology of the human beings as our moods and thoughts depend upon the environment…… More

Colours for Hospitals

  • For patient rooms in hospitals or nursing homes or bedroom in house should have the combination of following- Protection from adverse thoughts…… More

Colours For Eating House/Restaurant

  • Restaurants, Cafeteria’s, Eating Places The hues of pink, peach, red orange, golden orange yellow, pale greens, rose beige, cinnamon brown or light…… More

Colours for Intenal House

  • According to Deep Research of Guruji Dr Praveen Kochar Ji as a Vastu Expert, Colors effect our body and mind very much. The purest and most…… More