Yoga Mudra

Sit in padmasana, cross the hands behind the back and hold the opposite toe. Then bend the head and trunk forward from the hip, placing the forehead on the ground. While exhaling, bend forward to touch the chin on the floor. If the chin cannot touch the ground, one should bend forward as much as possible as per the one's capability.

If one cannot hold the toe, one can hold the wrist of opposite hand. It can be done in variation also, like placing the palm of the right hand on the navel and left palm on the right hand. This can be done by changing left hand palm in place of right hand palm.

It helps in digestion, constipation, diabetes, menstrual disorders, prostate glands and reducing weight. It improves spiritual power and concentration. It activates the pancreas, so helps in diabetes. It cures indigestion and gas formation.

By the practice of this asana, the face becomes very beautiful and the memory and the eyesight improve.

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