Zodiac Sign :-Gemini


Month :-May


Week :-First


A week full of great possibilities. Your mental energies combine with your physical energy and you may be in awe of your own creative abilities which have opened new doors for the improvement of your financial status. The matters of social life and work are more demanding this week, especially in the areas of money matters. Almost every aspect of finance needs your time, attention and expert handling. This could be credit collection, improving profitability, tax planning, debts repayment, cash and funds flow management.

Besides planning and executing the expenditure control exercises for your organization, it is time to look at your personal finances also. Keep your spending within the budgeted levels only and have a reasonable amount as reserve, Aim to make it bigger as the period is favorable. The stakes are bigger and higher than before. Therefore, take intelligent decisions with a cool mind and measure every movement forward. This is definitely not the time to invest or lend money.


Whatever you are striving for, I see you achieving it in the near future. 

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