Major Trends

Get out there and communicate your determination and passion to the world this year! As you articulate your beliefs - which you are so good at doing, you will move ahead in your life - excelling in almost all the areas of your life such as Career, Relations, Business and Finance and including a more spiritual and thoughtful inner reality. Positively express yourself and your vision, and you will be a source of great inspiration.

Undoubtedly, you will-like others - have to face your share of challenges. Especially when it involves transforming people or processes from good to bad or from better to still better, it will require tremendous amounts of energy. As you purify your instincts and overcome any fears of letting your creative passion flow, a newfound enthusiasm and strength will arise within you and affect everyone around you.

You see yourself in a completely different light this year as you discover new ways of bringing harmony into your life and communicating on a deeper level. Accept who you are at the core, and you will experience a wholeness you never thought possible. Trusting yourself is the key to spiritual growth.


You may feel drawn to some spiritual or religious group, and if, under their program or advice, you also practice yoga/pranayam/healthy diet, then you will not only enjoy good health but excellent mental and physical energy levels.

Those with respiratory problems need to monitor their condition carefully, and consider a visit to a medical professional. Try not to get into any heated discussions or arguments, as this will only aggravate any physical problems.

With regard to your health sector, you will enjoy analyzing different health or nutrition programs.


Your abundant energy helps you fill your home with love, harmony and joy.

This helps attract your family members towards you, which in turn gives you the emotional security you want. Remember, you don't have to do everything yourself; otherwise you'll get bogged down with details. Learn to trust your relationship and know that your loved one is there to support you.

The stars foretell that you have to watch out for your mother's health in the first half of the year and that you also need to devote more time and energy towards the health and welfare of your children.

Love & Romance

Love and romance bring idealistic energy to you this year. In the springtime, you're eager to further explore your commitment with your partner, and to truly understand the practicality of balancing your energies, and maintaining that equal energy. This will be a huge growing opportunity for you. Dramatic shifts in the way you relate to each other are inevitable as you learn more practical ways of growing and sharing.

Later in the year, the communication between you and your lover will become even more romantically satisfying. This will lead to an even deeper commitment - marriage perhaps - as romance becomes more about caring for each other and being sensitive to each other's needs.


The first six months of the year will see Gemini people putting in a lot of hard work with all sincerity. It may be difficult to please the seniors in the office but, rest assured, they may be demanding but will not be unfair. In the later part of year, you will be more creative and innovative. The movement of the planets in the year 2014 will bring a sense of stability and a sense of achievement to people born under this sign. Financial results are likely to be good.

Your creativity, self-confidence and assertiveness boost your career. Your abundant energy flows freely and cultivates compassion among your co-workers, as they are drawn to your more sympathetic side. You will have no problem being clear in your thinking, and you are able to balance out extremes in the workplace.


One positive aspect of 2014 Gemini yearly horoscope is that most students will start the year in a very encouraging and promising way. Aspiring students and scholars will find the year very productive. As the year progresses and you are in the second half, you will have to study with sincerity and devotion and the results will be proportion- ate to your inputs. Education-related traveling is a distinct possibility for some. In all, the year is very promising and bright for students, scholars, academics and teachers. 

Monthly Round up

January - intense activities of different nature, time to be devoted to children, welfare of your spouse, pressure by financial institutions, new connections, persisting with positive attitude; February - mixed results, trust in Higher Powers, self-belief, busy period, considered initiatives, long-term plans; March - finding joy and amusement, ideas and plans in focus, being realistic about relation- ships, intuition, health of children; April- concentration on professional matters, hectic activities, introspection, better techniques and style of work, inner strength, higher learning and spirituality, intellectual superiority; May- Interesting opportunities, trip for leisure/business/spiritual purposes, new changes, good sense of humour and self-confidence; June - increase in traveling, feeling detached from materialistic world, meditation; July _ spotlight on career matters, partnership, career endeavors, desire for physical pleasures, preparing investment analysis/budgets; August - active, dynamic and energetic, belief in fate, generosity in your actions, discipline and commitment, a healthy balance in life; September - determined, courageous and progressive, influence of family members, networking to expand, good rapport and relationship with younger brother/sister, surgical procedures; October - conflict-resolution, equipment breakdown, seeking spiritual guidance, religious activities, cultural pursuits; November - minor annoyances, irregularities of income, working relationships; December - good time to develop career and professional position, good dividends, improved financial position, jubilant and optimistic mood about your future.


A martial arts student went to his teacher and said earnestly, 'I am devoted to studying your martial system. How long will it take me to master it?'

The teacher's reply was casual, 'Ten years.'

Impatiently, the student answered, 'But I want to master it faster than that. I will work very hard. I will practice everyday, ten or more hours a day if I have to. How long will it take then?'


The teacher thought for a moment and replied: '20 years.' 

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